Getting Started

  • Can I speak directly to a real human being if I need someone to answer my questions?

    Yes! If you do not find the answer to your questions here, please email us directly at & a real person will answer you.

  • How much does it cost to be a Member?

    Membership is Free. You can join anytime by clicking the Register link in the top right hand corner of the site.

  • Why do some features I click say “Premium & VIP Members Only”?

    Free Members cannot create groups, send connection requests, public or private messages, or receive Affiliate & Referral Commissions.

Premium & VIP Members

  • What does Premium Membership include?

    Premium Members have access to all of the features of the website but do not receive Affiliate & Referral Commissions.

  • What does VIP Membership include?

    VIP Members have access to all of the features of the website plus they receive Affiliate & Referral Commissions.

  • How do I become a Premium or VIP Member?

    To Upgrade your Free Membership to Paid, Log In & go to your Profile area:

    Next, select Upgrade from your Profile Navigation:

    Click the blue Upgrade button to view the Paid Membership options.

    Select Add To Cart for the Membership you want to purchase & View Cart to advance to Checkout.

  • How do I pay for my Premium or VIP Membership with BTCPay?

    When you click Proceed to BTCPay, you will see this:

    You can pay with Bitcoin from any QR Code enabled device like your phone with the default payment option Scan selected.

    You can also select Copy to the right if you would like to copy & paste the Bitcoin payment address to send your payment.

Affiliates Program

  • How much does the Affiliates Program pay?

    The Affiliate Program pays you 7% of the amount of each Premium & VIP Membership your Referrals purchase on 7 Levels.

  • How do I become an Affiliate?

    When you purchase a VIP Membership you will automatically be registered as an Affiliate.

  • How do I earn Affiliate & Referral Commissions?

    As soon as your VIP Membership Upgrade is completed, you will see your Affiliate URL appear in your Profile area under Affiliates.

    Copy & paste this URL anywhere to begin earning Affiliate Commissions.

  • When do I get paid for Affiliate & Referral Commissions earned?

    You will receive Referral Payouts as soon as they are generated.

    A Referral Payout is generated each time one of your Referrals purchases a Paid Membership & their Membership Upgrade Order is Complete.

    Be sure to add your Bitcoin address to the Settings page in your Affiliates area so your Referral Payouts will be generated & made automatically.

  • What are Referral URL Visits?

    You can see how many Referrals have clicked on your Referral URL in the Visits section of your Affiliates area.

    The visit will say Converted when they purchase a Paid Membership.

  • What is Paid Referrals Status?

    You can see the Status of your Referrals in the Referrals section of your Affiliates area.

  • What is Referral Payouts Confirmation?

    The Confirmation of your Referral Payouts can be viewed in the Payouts section of your Affiliates area.

  • How do I track my total earnings?

    You can view your Earnings & Network Chart in the Earnings section of your Affiliates area.

    As reflected in the Your Earnings table there are 4 Paid Referrals for a total of $26.60 in Earnings.

    Your Network Chart indicates that you have received $6.65 each from the three 1st Level Referrals
    & $6.65 from the one 2nd Level Referral for a total of $26.60.

  • What is my History & Network Statistics?

    Your Network Statistics can be viewed in the History section of your Affiliates area.

    This indicates your Affiliates & the Paid Referrals generated for you by them.

    For example, you have three 1st Level Affiliates.

    One of your 1st Level Affiliates has one 1st Level Affiliate too which is your one 2nd Level Affiliate.

    This generated one Paid Referral for you with Paid Earnings of $6.65 listed on your 1st Level.